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Cowboy Action
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When it comes to the complete line of Cowboy Action bullets, our philosophy is simple: quality, integrity, and no ‘BS’, just like the days of the Old West when a handshake meant something. We take more time crafting our bullets specifically for your cowboy guns, just like you expect. We start with an alloy mix of 7.5% antimony and 2% tin yielding a consistent hardness of 22 BNH, assuring you that leading will not be a concern. Finally, our bullets are sized .001" larger than jacketed bullets and lubed with Thompson’s Blue Angel Hard Lube to give you greater accuracy over other cast bullets. When your goal is to relive a little bit of history with your cowboy rifle and pistol, look no further than Impact Bullets for the quality you deserve.

.32-20 (.312)
44_40 caliber
"Our job at Impact Bullets is to remove all the worries you have about your bullets."
.44 caliber
"We start by using SB Alloy, purchased in ten-ton lots from Peerless Alloy in Denver, Colorado"
.45 caliber
.45/70 caliber
Please feel free to contact Impact Bullets toll free at 1-888-756-5478 or by e-mail at and give us your feedback concerning our quality and service. Impact Bullets’ Unconditional Guarantee is on every box of bullets we make. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with our bullets or service, you may return them for a full refund
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