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We have a simple philosophy: Provide the customer with the highest quality product at a competitive price with service unmatched in the industry. Our dedication is to making the highest quality cast lead bullet on the market that will satisfy our customers’ reloading and shooting needs.

We do this by purchasing ten tons of SB Alloy from Peerless Alloy in Denver, Colorado. SB Alloy consists of 7.5% antimony and 2% tin, yielding a consistent hardness of 22BNH. Our bullets are then cooled and hand sorted to guarantee that only the best bullets make it to the finished box. Finally, our bullets are sized .001" larger than jacketed bullets and lubed with Thompson’s Blue Angel Hard Lube to give you greater accuracy over other cast bullets.

Impact Bullets are carefully crafted so that you may enjoy shooting even more than you thought possible. We want to carry on the tradition of supplying customers with a high quality product, so that you may enjoy the simple freedom we call ‘shooting.

Please feel free to contact Impact Bullets toll free at 1-888-756-5478 or by e-mail at and give us your feedback concerning our quality and service. Impact Bullets’ Unconditional Guarantee is on every box of bullets we make. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with our bullets or service, you may return them for a full refund.

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