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  Welcome to Impact Bullets’ new Website. For those of you unfamiliar with Impact Bullets, we were formerly Legend Bullets in Morrison, Colorado. Under new ownership (Mac & Mark Sneddon), we have moved to the eastern plains of Colorado near Bonny Reservoir. Impact Bullets is now a family-operated cast bullet business.
Quality and consistency are the two main objectives that we carry through the entire process of manufacturing Impact Bullets. We start with the highest quality materials. Impact Bullets are cast from 100% foundry alloy, so every bullet you fire through your gun will be as consistent and uniform as the last, with virtually no leading or fouling. We use SB Alloy with 7.5% antimony and 2% tin, giving our bullets a hardness Impact Bullet's Box Picture 1
of 20 – 22 BHN. We purchase the lead alloy in 10-ton increments from Peerless Alloy in Denver, Colorado,thus insuring uniform hardness of each bullet. Every bullet manufactured by Impact Bullets is hand-sorted after it is molded. This inspection is necessary for our high quality standards. Finally, our bullets are sized and lubed with Thompson Hard Lube, one of the finest hard lubes on the market for reloading and shooting. Thompson Hard Lube, combined with the consistent hardness of our bullets, is the reason you will find very little, if any, leading and fouling in the barrel.  
Don’t fall victim to the gimmicks or marketing ploys of some other bullet manufacturers. As a shooter you want to know exactly what you are shooting through your gun. Ask the other bullet manufacturers to provide you with a Material Data Sheet on the alloy they are using. We do have Material Data Sheets available on our alloy and we want you to know what elements are in our alloy. Impact Bullets Picture 2
We also feel it is the responsibility of the manufacturer to provide the customer with the highest quality product. In our effort to provide that quality to you, we ask that you provide us any feedback that we can use to provide you with an even better product. We would like to hear your comments and suggestions for improvement. Please feel free to contact Impact Bullets toll free at 1-888-756-5478.  

Additionally, Impact Bullets carries an unconditional, money-back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with Impact Bullets, return any unused bullets for a complete refund.

To find a gun shop or dealer near you, please look at the Distributor Page. Thank you and Happy Shooting!! If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at the following address, phone, or send us email at

  Glenmark Enterprises
  34611 Rd. 3.5
  Idalia, CO 80735
  Phone: 1-888-756-5478
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